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ocV!BE, the premier mixed-use community and live entertainment district, is coming to Anaheim in 2024.

This $4 billion, 95-acre, mixed-use community will surround its anchor, Honda Center, with new live entertainment venues, dining and retail offerings, and public amenities. ocV!BE will provide a full range of entertainment and dining, activating the district daily for the enjoyment of its guests, on-site employees and residents.

ocV!BE is an endeavor of the Samueli Family, the owner of the Anaheim Ducks and the longtime manager of Honda Center.

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In November 2018, the Samueli Family, the owners of the Anaheim Ducks, purchased 10 acres of city-owned parking lots adjacent to Honda Center and finalized an agreement with the City of Anaheim, committing the Ducks to Anaheim and management of Honda Center until at least 2048, with options until 2073. This agreement paved the way for a series of private acquisitions by ownership, leading to their control of 115 acres surrounding Honda Center.

Concurrently, ownership has worked earnestly to master plan this unique, 95-acre site located in the heart of sports and entertainment in Orange County with a project team led by Dan Young, former President of Irvine Company Community Development.

The result is ocV!BE, a transformational project for Orange County – a county home to more than 3 million people and within a short distance to millions more.

The conceptual master plan for ocV!BE was submitted in June 2020, and the project application for entitlement was submitted in November 2020 for review by the City of Anaheim. The first phase of ocV!BE is scheduled to open in 2024, with the full project being completed in 2028 and becoming a showcase for the Summer Olympics when Honda Center hosts indoor volleyball.


Platinum Triangle Vision

For decades, the City of Anaheim has envisioned an exciting future for the 820-acre area surrounding the Honda Center and Angel Stadium, known as the Platinum Triangle. The City of Anaheim planned for millions of square feet of new development opportunities for office, restaurant and residential projects in this strategic location close to three major freeways and a major transit center with the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC).

The Master Plan of this 95-acre district will create a livable, balanced community in line with this vision. ocV!BE will also link the district to the region’s broader interests and development plans, including Angel Stadium, the growing Anaheim Resort District, and the largest Convention Center on the West Coast.