Community Benefits

Parks and Open Space

The ocV!BE master plan includes multiple new urban parks, all linked via walkways and trails. These publicly accessible parks include a more than 4-acre park focused on wellness and nature, as well as a five-acre greenspace in front of ARTIC along the Santa Ana River.

With 20 acres of public space, central to ocV!BE is respite within the project itself. These public green spaces are fully integrated into the design of the project. All of ocV!BE will be connected by a trail system, including a 3-mile loop and access to existing public trails along the Santa Ana River.


New Housing with Commitment to Affordable Housing Units

ocV!BE seeks to provide housing for all, with a dedication of 15% affordable housing units on site (all affordable income levels). The project addresses the broader, regional housing crisis by providing 1,500 critically needed new rental housing units.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability features are core to the design and future operations of ocV!BE. This commitment is reflected in the architecture, design and building materials of the facilities, with a pledge to seek LEED Certification for all office, hotel and concert hall, as well as WELL Certification for all commercial and residential buildings.

As a transit-oriented development, employees, residents, and guests will have access to the site via transit and ride-share as well as walkability throughout the site including a pedestrian bridge over Katella Avenue. This will reduce the number of car trips leading to less greenhouse gases.

Related to energy, ocV!BE will feature rooftop solar on all the parking garages, providing one of the largest solar arrays in Southern California (expected to produce roughly 6MW of power onsite). In addition, a central utility plant will provide energy efficiency throughout the campus, providing a 25% savings in power usage. ocV!BE is also committed to ensure all power needs onsite come from renewable sources of energy, in partnership with the Anaheim Public Utilities’ Green Power Program. ocV!BE is also exploring the use of recycled water for landscape purposes onsite. Currently the ARTIC facility is served by recycled water under the Orange County Water District’s Groundwater Replenishment System, a world-class program supplying 75% of water for north and central Orange County from the managed groundwater basin.

Economic Impact

ocV!BE will provide more than 10,000 new construction jobs and more than 3,000 permanent jobs upon operation. In addition, the project will generate more than $2 billion in one-time economic impact prior to completion and more than $400 million in annual recurring economic impact.*

Tax revenue generated by ocV!BE will assist the City of Anaheim in its efforts to enhance neighborhoods and public safety.  The project will request no rebate or subsidy of General Fund tax revenues.

The project brings attractive restaurants and retail to Anaheim, allowing residents and visitors to dine and shop locally. It also creates a revenue stream to maintain and improve Honda Center, a publicly-owned facility, at no cost to taxpayers.

* Source: Independent analysis conducted by DTA, a national public finance and development economics firm.


Transit and ARTIC Activation

ocV!BE creates a true transit-oriented community in the heart of Orange County. The ocV!BE Master Plan integrates ARTIC into the larger district.  By drawing more guests to ARTIC, this will in turn increase transit ridership via Amtrak, Metrolink and bus providers.

Management is also working with the City of Anaheim and regional transit agencies to provide better public transit options to the site. Ridesharing is also thoughtfully designed into the project, with onsite drop-off and pick-up locations.